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Here is another chance for you to raid you closets or used game stores for hidden treasures. The Super Nintendo is the target of this expedition and there are plenty of highly-collectible games this time around. This guide has recently been updated, and the update could not have come soon enough as there has been a lot of inflation in not only complete copies of games, but also many cartridges as well over the recent years.

Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the cartridge by itself. The second price is the highest daily selling price of recent history. The list is ordered by the balance of the two prices. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive.

If you have more to add, please use the comments section below. If you are an SNES collector and see a boxed or sealed copy of any of these on eBay for a low price, you might want to snatch them up — you may never see them again. Credits: Rarity scores are courtesy of my friends at DigitalPress Does anyone know if Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is NTSC only?

There are a few SNES games that I missed out on the first time round which either never came to Australia or are way too expensive. Last I had a fully boxed version of Harvest Moon. Feel free to use it if you like. I still play it every now and then. Damn those were good games… I miss them. How do some of you get so many sealed copies of these games? Did you buy them back when they came out and never open them?

Buying new, sealed SNES games on this list would cost a small fortune. I for some reason decided to go Sega Genesis this gen rather than the SNES. I had some awesome times but look at all I missed. Good luck getting them now. I got a great job making video game software by posting my resume at The game was only available at Blockbuster for rent making practically impossible to fine a copy of the buddie fuck hook ups online let alone a box in good condition.

I sold my copy of Super Mario RPG to one of my friends a long time ago…i sooo regret doing that, but i think i can still get it back from him! Most people agree that the NES versions of Ninja Gaiden are better than Ninja Gaiden Trilogy ports for example. Why not just buy the FULL versions for less? Collecting is a strange hobby buddie fuck hook ups online. I was shocked while reading this, I have nearly every game you mentioned except Harvey Moon, Earthbound, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, and the imports.

And try this: I have THREE copies of Chrono Trigger. I was surprised that Dracula X was worth that much. I remember picking it up at a pawn shop and not liking it, because., buddie fuck hook ups online.

Hey i buddie fuck hook ups online a variety of unboxed SNES games, i know that there isnt much demand for unboxed Snes games these days, i need a site that i can look up the worth of porn erotica someone to fuck tonight of my games, for example mystic quest, i know for a fact that this game is rare… suggestions???

I dont have any sporting games other then a couple martial arts games. Can any one give me a clue as to how much i can buddie fuck hook ups online for them all in great shape? I also have the game genie and books. I have all the mega men games. Do you happen to have a dollar value for the FF combo? The best game in the bunch was Orge Battle the march of the black queen! Yo whats everyones rarest snes game. Glad to see I have some of games on that list.

EVO is one of my favorite SNES games. Mario RPG is a must have, such a great game. I really should get them soon though as SNES is my most cherished old school console. What was great about the game, is that once you beat the final boss, you had to go around returning items to people you met along the way.

Niiiiice list u got there. Neva heard of it. My all time fav SNES game would probably be Utopia. Someone please help me out. I am trying to remember the name of a game for the super nintendo. I remember there were three mermaids and one gave you a sword the other gave you a shield and the other one i think gave a helmet. You missed The Wizard of Oz. You guys forgot to add Internation superstar soccer deluxe right on top of the list, to me it is one of the best among the other.

Later Hea I finaly got the UK versian of Harvest Moon factory sealed original box would any one happen to have a value for it i bought it from a little flea market so…. I wish i had a copy of that cartridge.

I am wondering if anyone has any Super Nintendo games or any equipment they want to sell. But please do help me, I want to find them something different to play. They should have given me the darn thing at that point. Great game if you can pick it up. There were a bunch listed for that price, but nobody bought it…. The actual rare version one of the above posters is talking about was an exclusive blockbuster only version.

Not the standard SFC one. It has english instructions, special box and ntsc cart i believe. I think the snes had the best games of all time, due to the originality and the fact that they were simple and fun. It is probably a Famicon game.

Can anyone tell me about this game and its value??? It has been years since I have played it, so I think that was how it happened. I am unable to find info on it online. Can anyone point me girl geting fucked erotic babes tubes the right direction, also interested in its value, still works buddie fuck hook ups online. So when I saw about the rare games list here I decided to check my own SNES roms on my emulator.

And found I have a rom of the SUPER RARE and SUPER EXPENSIVE dodge ball game, buddie fuck hook ups online. I traded in my SNES a long time ago and all the games but i have recently found the boxes for the games. How much is it worth??? If you put in an add buddie fuck hook ups online that you buy video games, I promise you your e-mail will blow up, especially in the bigger cities. Love this site, keep it up. Are you talking about sealed copies? Harvest Moon is by no means worth so much!!

I agree with Starwing Super Weekend Competition and Castlevania though. English or Australien PAL is really expensive… This is my opinion, but maybe you are right about Mana and Evermore.

I have a Super com comsole from Germany that has many games programed inside but can also use the cartridges. I have only see it once before at a nintendo museum site. I was wondering if anyone knows the value of this? Thank you, Daniela if its hard to find, then collectors buddie fuck hook ups online pay almost anything! Just remember theres no such thing as how much something is worth, its simply how high will you keep bidding over someone else to get your item!

In that sense you may make more money selling items individually than as a collection on occasion. If you sell ebay, remember to be as clear as possible in the description on how collectible or rare your item is.

Boxed copies will always go for far higher prices than cart only. Dang, I wish I lived in a big city for gaming reasons. I have to use ebay for my gaming needs as my local used video game store charges wayyyyy to much for games. Great game, and very rare and coveted. Terranigma is the best rpg ever released on the snes! I have a mint copy of the game. Why this game never was released in the US is a mystery to me.

Little did I know…. Not only do the Japanese look for this game with fervor, but so do American SNES lovers, as it really is one of the finest platformers on the system. I just purchased Final Fight Guy with the box on ebay. Anyone ever seen a manual for it for sale? The box and manual are ultra rare because it was only used as a rental game. Lots of games can be hard to estimate. Still in box with original paperwork and packaging.

Anyone know how much it is worth? My family just closed their long running video game exchange store, and I have almost every game on this list, except mario rpg. I do have three UNOPENED copies of chronno trigger that are sealed in some type of plastic bag with a grade-type sticker on them. They are worth thousands? First come, first serve. I also have a PAL Pocky and Rocky. When I reset the game, i can play Super Mario World. You come back to the Pocky and Rocky game buddie fuck hook ups online you reset again.

HI, ITS ME WAITING TO HEAR FROM ANYBODY,LIKE I SAID I LEAVE IN THERE I FORGET I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH IT IS. We decided we were gonna try the game that looked the stupidest from the box, just for shits n giggles. Well our choice was Ogre Battle, we had never heard of it, assumed it would be retarded. Fell in LOVE with it, got our whole school obsessed with it. You literally had to rent it on Tuesday if you wanted it for the weekend.

Ogre Battle is such a freaking awesome game. It is one of the COOLEST GAMES, buddie fuck hook ups online. You can get it at can get other games there too. PLEASE, IF ANYONE OUT THERE HAS AERO FIGHTERS IN MINT CONDITION!

I loved the arcade people fucking eratic video of Aero Fighters and as soon as I saw it in EGM, I wanted to buy it, but I never actually saw it in any stores at the time.

Now I know why. I prefer my Super Famicoms I have a regular one and a Jr. I can read Japanese, so I can take advantage of good prices on popular RPGs my hookup today free hook up sites demand is lower in the U. All these games are pricy but all of them are good.

Only if I knew it was gonna be worth that much. Been a long time since i was on here. Not chump change buddie fuck hook ups online. Used and not in box! Man How rare is Aero Fighters? I played that game. It was pretty good. Never in the world would have I imagined it was such a rare game. Jesse, buddie fuck hook ups online, I would love to buy some of the games off of you. Was there ever released a GOLD Mario Kart for the SNES? Is the game from japan? I am dying to buy these two games!

Thanks -Brandon I guess I should have left my email for contact purposes haha if you have either of these email me at brandonleske Thanks everyone! There has been unconfirmed rumors that the game will not make an apperance on the Virtual Console, due to unconfirmed legal issues. As most collectors know, japanese games are not worth a whole lot over passion sex video buddy fucking since they are not playable on our systems.

Like the Famicom version of Stadium events. So those games you listed may be hard to find, buddie fuck hook ups online, and rare IN Niponland, but here in the USA!

Hey i have a factory sealed X band video game modem for snes. Anybody know what its worth or interested in buying it?? Does anyone know of anyone selling or have for sale the snes game.

I have been searching the internet for some time but cannot find a seller. Though as one other person said on here, where is the game Terranigma? That is a hard game to find! It did sell okay in Japan, but finding it now anywhere is extremely rare and will charge you up the wazoo!

That is happening less and less though as people inflate the prices though ebay and used game stores. I hate overpaying because you know the seller probably only paid a few bucks for a game and is now trying to flip it for a ridiculous sum.

You could be a yakuza enforcer, real estate agent, heck, even a Moss Burger employee different chain store of course. I wish I could find this one. Pop and Twin Bee? I think that has to be worth a few quid. My cousin has Sunsetriders and when i was lookin for it on EBay, it it was rare. Although its rare its fun as skippin school. They should be considered as additions to this list. These posts are recent, buddie fuck hook ups online, that is sad.

You guys know you can EMULATE the crap out of any of these games, and throw them on your psp. I have all the games listed and have been playing them again and again. I had a friend get them and dump them on a psp for me. OF COURSE PEOPLE KNOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM FOR FREE! Yes, people know they can buddie fuck hook ups online them for free, and the chances are most of us do… BUT make no mistake, theres nothing like playing on the original hardware!

I have for afew years now! THIS ONE IS MY MOST PRIZED AND CHERISHED OF ALL FINAL FANTASY: MYSTIC QUEST. If anyone want to contact me and talk about them or want to buy or anything just email me or go to myspace and look me up my names the same as my email. I would like to know what my Final Fantasy for the nitendo is worth its not in package and has been played but works perfect.

Can any one help me? Please call or email me OMFG!!!!!!!! I have that super famicon dodge ball game!!!!!!!! Its still in the box too!!! Does anyone know what is the name of a game of a kid with blue hair and a stick who turns his hair yellow when you have a strong health and turns into monkey if he gets hit? I have one and cannot find any information on it. I have a few games on the list. I could trade some unwanted games in for store credit and bring the price down meet and fuck site huge erotic boobs bit not much probably because these stores give you crap for used games.

So my hypothesis was correct. Rumors of highly desired games like Earthbound being unavailable on the VC does increase prices. I remember a nintendo game where it was a baby going thru mazes and with each level the baby got bigger.

Had to cut thru bushes and so on. I cant remember the name of it can anyone help? Would anybody know how much a sealed Secret of Evermore SNES game would be worth nowadays? Its a PAL-version with dutch manual. Same weapons, air ship, boat and submarine. Does anybody know how rare this game is????

Or what it might be worth???? I would appreciate any feedback. The games are as follows: Super Mario RPG. Knights of The Round. Erotic teen finding sex partner Ate My Neighbors. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

I cleaned it thoroughly, and by thoroughly I mean I took the cartridge apart and cleaned the contact pins VERY well, and even lightly polished them with a tiny pinch of steel wool so they shine like new pennies.

It may be the most valuable Final Fight game on the system since it was just a Blockbuster exclusive. The other game I would like to bring up is Hagane: The Final Conflict.

This game gets no mention at all when it comes to rare SNES games. It is a rare game which many SNES owners have never heard of. And finding it online is almost next to impossible there are only two listings right now with one being for the slightly cheaper SF cart. I know because I have two copies and am looking to get rid of one but have trouble doing so.

Update the list if you can. The Search For Eden. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time. The Ren and Stimpy Show: Fire Dogs. Zelda: A Link To The Past. Maybe somebody else will actually use them. These are MINT in box with original instructions and packaging.

Boxes look almost brand new. He must not have known what he had. PAL version of Terraningma! This never saw a US release. Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and then Terranigma.

The Latter two saw US releases, and are popular as well. If you see it in NTSC version, its a replica. Either a fake, or the PAL version was put into an NTSC cartridge, and a new sticker made. Check ebay to see the ridiculous BIN prices! How about the NTSC release of Hagane? This is such an overlooked game rarity and value wise.

Like FF:Guy it was a US BB video exclusive release. I recently acquired a copy of it. When it bored me it got lost. Some years later I found an emulator for PC and played my old classics again — like Street Fighter, Kirby and Final Fantasy! Anybody know a current version of a snes simulator?

I remember one of my one old bud lent me Dracula X: vampire kiss, during the snes era…. Must have sold his game system and his whole library a long while ago. I wonder if he got a fair prize of hookup sex most popular hookup site print. Transactions were very subjective due to lacks of information. One could have found a very valuable title complete with box and instruction booklet on flea market for a misery because of that.

I happened to stumble upon it while searching on Bing. I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues. I have an old Link game before the series was called Zelda and its Gold plated. I do not have the original box, and it still plays. I have hundreds of SNES titles for sale! Is the following worth it? How much would it be worth to someone? I wouldnt call these games the rarest, perhaps earthbound, but on all your pages your missing tons of games that are far more valuable, seems you just looked on ebay and random fan sites to find your info, amatuer at best, no i will not utter the games as a collector the worth goes down but as you guys buy these ones listed here instead, the real game collectors are safe.

Your list is very outdated. I have only really seen physical cart for this game on the SNES. My name is Thomas Olson, and I really hope I can sell this game for a lot of money.

Jeremy, you can list them here. Someone might want and could arrange a Paypal purchase. It also depends on what you actually have. I also found Final Fantasy I, II, and III in box well taken care of by my awesome father. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Wanserers From YS III. Zelda A Link To The Past. Have Ogre Battle : The March of the Black Queen too. Just write down if you want to negociate. Not because i could have got more money. But because I sold it to a vintage buddie fuck hook ups online collector and now I know he ripped me off, buddie fuck hook ups online.

I see more Wild Guns and Metal Warriors then I do Swat Kats. I would add Swat Kats to the rare game list and I find R-Type lll hard to find on ebay. I would add SWAT KATS to the rare list. I see less of those on Ebay then I do Metal Warriors, Wild Guns, Evo or any of these buddie fuck hook ups online called rare games.

I would also add R-type lll I find it difficult to find that game even on ebay. Way less then wild guns, metal warriors etc. That price need an update for sure.

I was the seller of one of those so I can provide some proof if needed. Just PM me on racketboy here if you need any more info. I have seen a speed run of that game, it looks amazing. This is super nintendo. The Rarest and Most Valuable Super Nintendo SNES Games. The Expensive Super Famicom Imports. Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Zenin Shuugou Tournament. There were a number of Super Famicom games that were released as limited edition gold carts for tournaments in Japan, one of the most valuable being the Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Zenin Shuugou Tournament Special.

Check for Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Zenin Shuugou Tournament. Special Gold on eBay. Before the Fire Emblem series came to the US on the GBA and Gamecube, it was a very popular strategy RPG series in Japan. To satisfy the many fans of the series an feature-packed box set was released that included maps, posters, toys, and other cool stuff, buddie fuck hook ups online. Check out this forum thread to see picutres of the complete Box set. From the makers of the Turrican series, this run-and-gun shooter is one of the most desirable standard-issue Super Famicom games.

It is hard enough to find a bare cartridge of this game, but it will more the double the value if you have a complete boxed copy. While some people are hawking the single game carts for a handful of money, the rare version of these games actually has both the Speed Racer and Mountain Bike Rally game on it together.

For use with the LifeFitness Bike Unit. One of the rarest games for the system, as it may have not seen full or any retail distribution. If a complete copy was to surface, it would be easily much more. This PAL Limited Edition box set was only available from Woolworths and is very hard to find. Check for Batman Forever Box Set on eBay. Donkey Kong Country Competiton cartidges were used by Blockbuster Video in tournaments held within the store, and never receieved a true commercial release.

Nintendo Power also offered some extra carts in their catalog. See Latest Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge on eBay. Much like the DKC Competiton cartidges, this Star Fox cart was used by Blockbuster for game tournaments and extra carts were sold off by Blockbuster and Nintendo Power. See Latest Star Fox Super Weekend Cartridge on eBay. Treasured Standard USA Releases. The game can not only be tricky to find, buddie fuck hook ups online, but is has a bit of a following.

Bare Earthbound cartridges can still edge out EVO in terms of value, but those complete and sealed copies of EVO are SO hard to come by! Check for EVO the Search for Eden on eBay. Check for EVO the Search for Eden on Amazon.

Another game that is not hard to find, but is very popular. The game is famous for its cult like following of fans. It is a non-traditional RPG taking place in suburbia and weapons are every day household items. Still regarded as one of the most enjoyable RPGs to this day. Check for Earthbound on eBay. Check for Earthbound on Amazon. This was a hidden gem for many years and has recently become one of the best SNES collectors pieces.

We may never truly know what the real circumstances are — we can only observe the true supply and demand on the open market. Check for Hagane: The Final Conflict on eBay. Check for Hagane: The Final Conflict on Amazon.

When it was brought over they made very limited quantities so it is one of the hardest games to find on the system — especially in buddie fuck hook ups online condition. Check for Aero Fighters on eBay. Check for Aero Fighters on Amazon. This sidescroller was published by Konami, but developed by LucasArts. The game has slowly built up a bit of a following among collectors and has recently begun climbing these rankings. Check for Metal Warriors on Amazon.

Because of this chip it is an oddity and has some of the best graphics on the SNES. It is also hard to find. These two factors combine to make it local sex today find women for sex of the more expensive Super Nintendo games. Wild Guns also delivers in every area from graphics, music, controls and challenge.

Check for Wild Guns on eBay. Check for Wild Guns on Amazon. The Harvest Moon series also has a cult following of gamers who want to farm and try to get a girl to like them. This is the first in the Harvest Moon series so many of these fans want to buy the game that started it all.

Check for Harvest Moon on eBay. Check for Harvest Moon on Amazon. The lackluster sales at launch helped keep this gem hard to find. Check for Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on eBay. Check for Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on Amazon. However, the hardcore following of the series and SNES collectors keep the price of this title rather high. Check for Castlevania Dracula X on eBay. Check for Castlevania Dracula X on Amazon.

After seeing NES Mega Man games rise in value, it is no surprise to see the trend continue with the SNES installments. This installement of cult-classic series from Taito and Natsume is often regarded as a favorite in the franchise, buddie fuck hook ups online. It was created by an all-star cast of developers and stands up to the test of time in terms of story and game play. It is worth mentioning that loose copies have dropped a few dollars over the last eight years — possibly because of the DS re-release.

Check for Chrono Trigger on eBay. Check for Chrono Trigger on Amazon. The game is a mix of standard platfroming with mild RPG elements. The game is very hard to find because of this limited release. The Ogre Battle is buddie fuck hook ups online very good strategy RPG game too, so many RPG fans want to buy it just to get a chance to enjoy a great game.

Check for Ogre Battle The March of the Black Queen on eBay. Check for Ogre Battle The March of the Black Queen on Amazon. The developer, Titus, already had a relatively bad reputation at the time, so the game really got buried in the bargain bins by the time it left stores. Check for Incantation on eBay.

Check for Incantation on Amazon. The Rarest Games At Affordable Prices. Additional SNES Games of Value. Credits: Rarity scores are courtesy of my friends at DigitalPress.

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